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The futuristic life of 17 year old Cinder is very different than what we know. There are people living on the moon, Earth’s nations have been changed to form bigger, more powerful countries, there is a plague killing off everyone… and if that wasn’t enough, Cinder is a cyborg.

It starts out as just another day for Cinder. She is working as a mechanic to provide for her not-so-loving stepmother when a particular visitor comes to her booth. Could it be?… Prince Kai? When the widely adored prince asks Cinder for help fixing his android, Cinder thinks that it will only be another big project for her busy life.
Things take a startling turn when her stepmother sends her off to be a test subject for plague research… something that almost no one survives. Cinder soon finds herself learning new and scary things about her neighbors, the disease, and herself.

This twist on the original Cinderella story provides a perfect balance of romance, adventure, and thrill. It will leave you itching the sequel!

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