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You are always told to think choices over, be aware of the possible outcomes, and remember that your choices can effect other people. For 16 year- old Beatrice Prior, that could not be any more true. In future Chicago, teens must make the choice of what to devote their lives to: Candor, honesty; Abnegation, selflessness; Amity, peace; Dauntless, bravery; or Erudite, intelligence. They must take the test to see where they belong, but the ultimate choice is up to them. After their choice is made, they must prove that they chose correctly or risk living on the streets for the rest of their lives. 

Beatrice always knew that she didn’t fit in with the rest of her Abnegation family. There was always a little piece of her that couldn’t be 100% selfless. When it is time for her to choose, she makes a decision that surprises everyone… even herself. 

The beginning was a little slow, but after the first few chapters Beatrice will take you on a thrilling ride involving trust, family, and discovering who you really are. 

Now tell me: What would you chose? Would you join me in creating peace in Amity, or jump of trains in Dauntless? How about some friendly debates in Candor? Invent a new simulation with Erudite? How about help others in Abnegation? Talk about it in the comments! 


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