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Step back three months before the story takes place. It starts out as a beautiful spring day for Amy Curry. She is driving and listening to Elvis music with her dad when another driver hits them, killing Amy’s father and altering Amy’s life in many unwanted ways.

By June, Amy’s mother has sold their California home and is ready to go to Connecticut to start a new life. Amy is the last one to leave- her mother left a month before and her twin brother was in a rehab center in North Carolina.

Everything was packed and ready to go, except for one problem. Since the accident, Amy has been afraid to drive. However, she still needed to get their car across the country.

Enter Roger, the son of Mrs.Curry’s friend. He was going to Pennsylvania to visit his father, so it was arranged that he would drive Amy to Connecticut.

Amy’s mom had left a route and driving directions for the two of them to follow. It would have gotten them across the country in a few short days with minimum stops.

After only a few hours of driving, Amy and Roger get a better idea. Both of them had unfinished business in various places, so they decide to take a little detour away from Mrs.Curry’s route.

Between Amy’s struggle with her loss, the unique people they meet along the way, and Amy’s clever journal entries, readers will be smiling after every page.

When a friend told me I should read this, my first thought was ‘I don’t read much that doesn’t involve something exploding at one point or another’.  This goes to show how awesome it is to read something different every now and then. The characters are wonderfully written, and the entire story will almost make you want to take a road trip.

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