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This week I decided to try something new, something on the other side of the fantasy shelf…

… Greek mythology.

For the last four years, Kate Winters has had to take care of her dying mother, leaving little room for anything that remotely resembles the life of an 18-year-old girl. One of her mother’s last wishes is to move to the tiny town of Eden.

Of course, this is where things get weird.

It started with a prank. The resident popular, Ava, jumps into a river. After Kate braves the water to pull her out, Ava is dead. Out of nowhere, a mysterious boy shows up and makes an offer: Ava will be okay of Kate spends six months with him, from autumn to spring.

Kate accepts, and steps right into to ultimate test: pass, and become immortal. Fail, and end up dead.

Like I already said, I’m pretty new to mythology. My knowledge was limited to the occasional short story about the gods and goddesses that we had to read in middle school.

As far as understanding this book? I would say this is not a bad choice for people that want to get into mythology, but don’t have a clue. It is pretty well explained, and there is even a little guide in the back for who is supposed to be which god. Yes, I cheated and Googled/text messaged a friend that knows all the gods by heart, but I really didn’t need to. The necessary information is pretty clear.

Romance, killers, and the chance to live forever. Would you pass the Goddess Test?

This is the spot that I would normally tell you books that are similar to The Goddess Test. Due to my already emphasized lack of mythology knowledge this week is a little different. I challenge you, the readers, to find books that remind you of The Goddess Test and tell me about them in the comments. Can’t wait to hear from you!