Did you know that R. L. Stine’s funny guy attitude not only got him picked on, but also made the bullies leave him alone forever? Or that Alyson Noel was called a “Stuck-up Bitch” simply because she was the new girl?

Dear Bully is an author tell-all about getting bullied, being a bully, and dealing with bullies. 70 true, heart-breaking stories give you an inside look on how mean people can act, often for no reason whatsoever.

Aside from a few kids that thought my germ-x obsession in fourth grade was funny, didn’t get bullied much ( okay, scratch that. I was bullied but most was behind my back, so I didn’t realize until years later. But going on…) so most of these tales of loneliness and hate were a shock to me. Dear Bully opened my eyes. For anyone that ever thought that kids have nothing to worry about, think again. These people were stolen from, left out of the group, called names, and some were even physically hurt. All for what? For being different? For wearing a brand of jeans that no one else wears, or for practicing a religion that their classmates didn’t understand? Many of the authors talk about how one day their friends just decided to start ignoring them for no reason at all.

Dear Bully is something that everyone in school should read. It makes you realize that there is more to the social system than meets the eye. Haters are everywhere. Sometimes, even for people that would grow up to do amazing things, life flat out sucks.

Dear Bully also provides stories of hope and a promise that things will get better. Things will change. One author even tells how one of their former bullies is now in jail. There is also a resource guide in the back with programs you can contact if you or someone you know is getting bullied.

Whether you have been bullied, think you are a bully, or just stand on the sidelines, this is something you will want to pick up. Hopefully you will be inspired as much as I was.

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