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The very first scene is 17-year old Amy and her family about to be frozen so they can be loaded up on the spaceship Godspeed to go to another Earth-like planet. 

Flash-forward a few hundred years to Elder, ATU’s second point of view. His people have formed their own way of life on Godspeed, with him next in line to be their leader…

… and he may or may not have unfrozen Amy.

*It’s the future and not everything is run by big machines, no one has superpowers, and artwork is still possible. Yay for something new!
*Revis created a new culture with a few secret twists that made this book even better.
*You get a deep look into Elder and Amy’s heads and a clear understanding of how they think.
*This is a new favorite!

*Elder is a bit of a clueless ass in parts of the sequel, A Million Suns  (wait… isn’t that a good thing?) even when his heart was in the right place.