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Evie works for the IPCA  (International Paranormal Containment Agency) because she can see past a paranormal’s disguises and know what they really are. Life that way is the only thing she knows, but what about what’s outside the walls and assignments of the IPCA, and how did she really end up working there?

*A new take on paranormal creatures. You think mermaids have long hair and can sing? Think again. Vampires are crush worthy? Not even close. 
*Evie has such a notable voice. Her way of wording things made me smile.
*Lend= awesome (Anyone who has already read this knows what I mean. If you have not, why are you still sitting on the computer? Go the the nearest library or bookstore. Now!)

*Evie’s voice- which I already said is great- can sometimes be too much of a good thing. It gets a tiny bit annoying in some places.
*Still slightly confused at the end, even after reading the sequel, Supernaturally. Hopefully all ends will be tied up in the third book, Endlessly, which came out last week