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In a world where superpowers are nothing secret, a band of bad guys needs to get their edge back. They do this by kidnapping and manipulating a group of  kids to turn them into Villains.

*The characters are so different and come from a variety backgrounds that you are sure to find someone to relate to.
*Hayden, one of the kids that gets kidnapped, is awesome. Everything out of that character’s mouth made me smile.
*The ways that the Vindico (the bad guys) tricked the kids. They convinced them that they were doing the right thing by telling them how much life sucks and the how the League (the good guys) failed them. I can honestly say that had I been one of those kids I would have fallen for it in a heartbeat.

*Like many books with several important characters, it took a few chapters before I could keep track of them. Vindico  members, I’m looking at you. The kids are off the hook.
*Sam, one of the kidnapped kids, didn’t get his story explained as much as I was hoping. The others got a tad more back-story attention than he did.
*I’m still confused on where exactly some of this took place.

*There will be a sequel coming out sometime next year.