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Imagine living in a world where dragons are feared, sylphs are a constant danger, and everyone gets to be reborn over and over again…

…everyone, that is, except Ana. She is a newsoul. Some people think she is a random occurrence. Most, however, look down on her as if she were a sign of trouble ahead.

Being kicked out by her mother for even being born was just the start of her problems.

INCARNATE jumps right in. There are no over explained first chapters that are seen way too much. You are instantly thrown into Ana’s story and filled with questions that only reading ahead will answer.

You know that “OMG I’m addicted” feeling? Yeah, didn’t have that. The middle drags a tiny bit and I, personally, will not be calling this a #1 new favorite. Not to say it wasn’t good but it does not strike as an addictive book.

On the other hand, this is something totally new. If you are sick of reading the same old plots with the same old basic ideas, INCARNATE should be on your reading list. It explores new takes on immortality and truly not fitting in. Also, the action scenes- mainly near the end- are very well written and worth the wait.

The sequel titled ASUNDER comes out early next year.

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