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Dear Miss Fortune Cookie….

High School senior Erin has a lot on her plate. She is worried about getting into the top colleges, she seems to be the only one in her group without a boyfriend, and she is too scared to tell anyone but her best friend that she is the popular advice blogger Miss Fortune Cookie. Throw in a little frienemy drama and Erin is about to find herself in deeper than she thought possible.

Let’s get one thing straight here before we go on. The summery on the back (and I quote) says “… all begins when her ex-best-friend sends a letter…” The term ‘ex-best-friend’ makes it seems like she hates the character this is referring to. Their friendship gets a little wobbly but the usage of the ‘ex’ is a tad extreme. Just thought I should clear that up.

One of the things I liked best is how throughout the story is the Chinese culture. Erin’s friends are Chinese and she was born in China, so it’s everywhere. It’s different that what I’m used to reading and I enjoyed it very much. I even learned a few words in Chinese! (there is a pronunciation guide in the back)

I wanted to think of Erin as a cute character but charming is a better word for it. She is shy yet I found her very people smart. She is dedicated but not an extremist.

This would fall into the category of lovable light reading. The OMG moments are far and few between but they aren’t needed to make it a good book.

Miss Fortune Cookie comes out on November 13th.

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