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Just for Fins is the third book in Tera Lynn Childs’ Fins series. It picks up shortly after Fins are Forever. This time, a new problem swims into Lily’s life. Neighboring kingdoms are experiencing the effects of global warming and are having trouble surviving. Lily decides that as Crown Princess of Thalassinia it is up to her to help. Then, out of what seems like nowhere, an ancient law makes itself known that might break up Lily and Quince for good. 

I, for one, would have been perfectly satisfied if this series ended with Fins are Forever and was surprised to learn that there was a third installment. It really wasn’t necessary. If anything (it kills me to say this) it ruined the books. The first two were a sweet bundle of awesome but Just for Fins falls flat. Some details come out of nowhere- and not in a good way- and it felt like the book was trying too hard to be as good as the first two. 

On a more uplifting side, there are some aspects that I truly enjoyed. Lily is a very clever character with many admirable personality traits including loyalty, fairness, and determination. She never gives up when trying to help the people and mer-folk she cares about. 
The underwater world that Childs created is what little girls dream about when pretending they are mermaids. I’m glad I got to experience it even if some bits of the conclusion didn’t fully live up to expectations. An okay book about mermaids is still better than Justin Bieber. 

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