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Hay folks! I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks- I have been mega busy- so I figured at the very least I owe you guys a little update on what’s going on, plans, and future posts.

  • I currently have three ARCs in my possession. Notes on them will be taken soon and I will let you know when those posts will be up!
  • I will be blogging for Teenreads.com! Teenreads is starting a teen board and yours truly will get involved starting January.
  • Turns out WordPress is NOT blocked on my school computers (I am currently blogging from my Journalism class). This little discovery gives my school centered schedule more spaces to post.
  • It is nearly break which means there is one more crazy week before I’m free. How does multiple posts during vacation sound?

    I will post again soon. Remember, until then feel free to email or Tweet me (my email address and Twitter name are at the bottom of this post). I love hearing from you all and will gladly accept review requests!


Twitter: (at)lexibexwrites
Email: Lexibex(at)att(dot)net

PS- Yes, I am done with my Journalism work. I’m not slacking… promise 🙂