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It’s 1996. The internet is still pretty new, and you can forget about social networking…

…As far as longtime neighbors Josh and Emma know. So why is it that when Emma puts an AOL disk in her new computer she finds herself logged onto her future Facebook page?

Okay, wow. This book is so cute, and not in a stupid ha-ha “cute” way. I’m for real here. With all the zombies and vampires and guys running from chainsaws type books out there it is nice to see something heartfelt with fewer explosions (not that I’m complaining, but a little mix up in the reading list here and there is good).

Did I happen to add how much I love books with multiple points of view? When they are done correctly it can be like having two stories in one. The Future of Us gives us inside looks into both Josh and Emma’s minds. There is no better way that this story could have been done. They both add unique voices that I simply adore!

There are little bits of background information thrown in that I found to be a slight pain in the backside. However, there really is no way around them and they add more to the story than they take away.

The Future of Us is heartfelt, thought provoking, sometimes laugh-out-loud story. I was left smiling like an idiot, and that is a 100% fantastic way to finish a book.

So, readers, what would you do if you saw your future Facebook page? Would you try to change your fate like Emma does? Who would you look up? Let me know in the comments!

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