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We did it… 2012 has been survived! Okay, so, not to be cliche or anything but so much has happened in the last 366 days (you forgot it was a leap year, didn’t you?). It’s hard to believe that wordnothingelse and my lexibex persona only started this past March. 42 reviews and updates later… and here we are! 

Anyone that has been following me these past few months knows that I have this weird little habit of, er, over-thinking and breaking things down in the oddest ways. 

<Brace yourselves for slight obsessiveness, folks.> 

Exactly a year ago (before I even knew I would be doing this blog), I challenged myself to write down the title of every book I read. My goal was to read 100 by today…

*drum roll please*

… I finished my 116th book of 2012 a few hours ago.

Okay, here is where the over-thinking obsessiveness starts.

116 books in 366 days is the same as…

*9.6 books a month 

* 1 every 3 days

*assuming the average book had 350 pages, 40,600 pages

*2 books a week

*1 every 75 hours

*at 10 hours a book, 48 days spent reading 

<insert awkward subject changer here>

Again with the cliche, but 2013 is going to be full of a ton of awesome. Sitting in front of me is a stack of ARCs that I can’t wait to write about, I will be blogging for teenreads, and the last installment of my favorite series comes out (see post from April 6th). 

Okay, so that last bit has nothing to do with WNE. Or maybe it does. Ask me in 3 months. I still won’t have a clue then, but getting emails is fun. 

I’m going to go laugh at the Mayan calender and look for some glitter. Happy New Year, readers! See ya in 2013!