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Dear Evelyn,
Life got complicated. Parents got stupid. I get that (sorta). You wanted to rebel a little bit and shove some sort message into the world’s face. Good for you… except constantly having sex seems to be a little, er, not the best idea, don’t you think?

I’m going to flat out say this now: If you don’t like reading sentences with words like ‘vagina’, ‘sex’, or ‘abortion’ this post/book will have zero interest for you. I respect your choices and I’ll see y’all next week.

Okay, onward. As stated many times before, most reviews on WNE are about books with multiple explosions, unidentifiable creatures, and frosome stuff that goes bump in the night. That’s just how it works here. Me, Him, Them, and It falls under squat of these categories….

… but dude, I. Got. Hooked. Turns out that outside the land of vampire sex gods there is a world of very real, very thought provoking drama.

(Wow, I did not just say ‘thought provoking’. So sorry for sounding like someone’s guidance counselor.)

Evelyn’s choices that go with being a pregnant teenager make you sit there and die a little on the inside. Why? Because they’re real. Folks, this was written by a woman has counselled teen moms. Evelyn’s heartbreaking story is based on solid fact. It’s all put in a way that basically shoves your face in the reality of teen pregnancy.

So, yeah, I almost never read this genre. And, no, I don’t think one book will turn me into a realistic fiction junkie…

… but there is no way I’m going to forget this one.

Me, Him, Them, and It comes out on February 26th.

PS- “Frosome”. That would be Freaking Awesome

PSS- … maybe the use of the term {vampire} ‘sex god’ wasn’t exactly appropriate here.