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Sever (The Chemical Garden, #3)


Rhine is still desperate to find her brother, her father-in-law acts like a spawn of Satan, then there’s the sad case that has become of Cecily…

Sometimes I like to picture DeStafano making lists of ways to play with readers’ hearts while simultaneously posting pictures of her cats on Twitter. I bet she throws darts at her characters’ names to decide which one to torture next, because there is no way that this level of evil can come naturally to a human mind.

A fine example of the twisted-ness is better known as Housemaster Vaughn. What. The. Hell? Throughout the book I go from hating his sorry butt (hence the use of the term ‘spawn of Satan’) to feeling sorry for him to loving him to spitting on his name.

My confusing relationship with one of the characters aside, this is simply a good book…you know, if you like having your emotions played with and worst fears coming to life in the form of 384 pages (but why else would you read?).

I stand by what I said when I reviewed Wither about a year ago (click here to see that post) about being left on the edge of your seats. The series ranks pretty high on the addictive-o-meter, but I doubt I’ll ever read them again because of how depressing they are.

Oh, and heads up warning: Be sure to have a soft blanket and a box of chocolate nearby before starting chapter 24. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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