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As I scribble this on a piece of paper (to type up later like I’m doing right *pause* now) before my creative writing class, my heart is falling into a shiny black hole of feels.

Why? I just finished reading FOX FOREVER.

Locke Jenkins is finally being called on the Favor that he has owed the Non-Pacts since THE FOX INHERITANCE.The Favor (yes, capital F) sends Locke to the city he grew up in where he is assigned to help a group of Non-Pacts get back their friend and a whole lot of money.

The JENNA FOX CHRONICLES gripped me from the beginning… 5 years ago. I know that reviews are about the books themselves, but 3 books over a time span of 5 years makes it really easy to forget important details. Yes, it does re-explains itself enough to refresh the ol’ memory. It’s still annoying.

That aside, I have no complaints. If you read the first 2 Jenna Fox books you will thrive with FOX FOREVER because it finally gives full closure for everyone.

1st time visitors of this series should beware that it is longer than it looks. The last one may only be 288 pages but it still takes some time!

Anyway, the entire series is breathtaking and- as stated before- major feels inducing!

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