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I have been saying for years that redheads (like myself) will take over the galaxy.

Well, it turns out that in my world they already do.

* drum-roll please* 

Most kick-ass/ overall awesome fictional gingers THAT ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD

#1- Amy Martin, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis
She took a HUGE risk getting on Godspeed in the first place, wakes up in a world she never even dreamed of, and has to take care of some seriously messed up dudes on top of people staring at her red locks like they’re about to explode. All this while still getting the guy. Um, yes! 

#2- Elmo
The little monster talks to toddlers to get them on his side while they’re still young. If that isn’t a plan for world domination I don’t know what is. 

#3 and 4- Amelia Pond and Donna Noble- Doctor Who
One is the most important woman in the world (that also happens to be a goddess to smart-asses everywhere). The other is Amy Pond, which that fact alone makes her amazing enough. 
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#5- Ms. Frizzle 
Admit it: watching and reading The Magic School Bus was the highlight of your childhood. Probably a Timelord.

#6- Daphne Blake
Has been solving mysteries with a talking dog since the 1960s and still manages to look fabulous. Somehow always ends up being both the monster bait and the person that saves everyone else using nothing but a nail file and quick thinking. 

#7- Ariel
Disney Princess AND a mermaid. I’m pretty sure she was created by evil masterminds to trap all the future fantasy writers. 

#8- Richelle Mead
Ok, so I lied. Not all the redheaded rulers of the world are fictional…
… but this lady gave us Dimitri Belikov AND Adrian Ivashkov. She belongs in the Ginger Hall of Fame. Long live the creator of epicness!