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“So here I am making modern art before I die…”

Leonard Peacock is going to kill himself. He knows how (with an old Nazi handgun). He knows when (today, his birthday). He knows what he has to do first (give gifts to the four people that have helped him hold on this long) (oh, and shoot the person that made his life a living hell. Might want to remember that).

FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK takes place all in one day as Leonard says his goodbyes. Partly written in footnotes that give more insight to the story and letters from the future (you’ll see), this is easily one of the best books I have read all year.

This is- guilty- my *first time reading anything by Matthew Quick. Let’s just say that if his other works are half as good as this one, I may have a new **favorite author.

FMLP is really fast paced-I read nearly all of it during school one day- for the amount thinking and ***maturity required. I mean, THE BOY IS PLANNING A MURDER/SUICIDE. You need to pay attention, but anyone that is half awake with reading skills above middle school will understand it perfectly well (even if you sometimes wish you didn’t).

FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK comes out in August 2013.

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*Ok that was a lie- but the first time I was like 11 and couldn’t even finish it.
**Another lie. That would be like having a favorite way to eat chocolate. Or a favorite book . Or Taylor Swift outfit.
*** Feel free to fake this one.