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Imagine never being able to touch a single living thing. Never being able to hug someone or bury your nose in a bunch of roses or kiss the person you loved. Imagine being brought back to life only to bring death to everything that comes in contact with your skin. 

Welcome to the life of Ember McWilliams. From the day he little sister, Olivia, brought her back after the car crash that killed her father and drove their mother insane, Ember has been on a strict no-touch policy. 

Things only get weirder when the girls are kidnapped and brought to live with a bunch of people with so called ‘gifts’ similar to Olivia’s. Ember isn’t sure who she can trust, and neither will you.

I. Could. Not. Put. This. Down. AT. ALL. Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally found the perfect balance between not-so-human, dysfunctional family crap, mystery, a new fictional crush pour moi, and a bunch of other stuff I’m too lazy to type.

(Or, in short, well written awesomeness.)

Oh, and because I really like to tease you guys, here are a few quotes:
“This is your new home,” he said like it explained everything, like he wasn’t delusional, kidnapping freak holding my family prisoner.
“Em, if you keep looking at me like that we aren’t going to watch any movie.”
I couldn’t move- couldn’t breath as the…

<You know, I was going to say something witty about my jaw hitting the floor at the end of this one, but I think I’ll just leave you hanging with that 😉 >