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There once was a short teenage girl hiding in her bedroom from this creepy thing called “real life.” Books were her constant companion, she spoke fluent Fangirl, and even though she was getting a D in Biology she could easily list forthcoming YA books in order of release date. 

So she started a blog to share her interests.Her laptop was charged up and there was a heavy pile of recently finished novels at her feet. She logged onto her website, settled down in her adorable pink mushroom chair and thought…

“How the heck and I supposed to write about this?”

In case you haven’t noticed, that talk about posting every week is total crap by now. To put it into a stupid simile, post ideas (and motivation) are like luck: You never know when it is going to strike, and sometimes you doubt it’s even real…

… and other times you ignore it completely and next thing you know your internet history looks like this:



*mumbles something about still being mega suckish at transitions in writing*

Anywhoandwhatnot, those are my blogging confessions.

*dorky cartoon announcer voice* Tune in next time for whatever Bex thinks up at the most inconvenient time… Maybe!

Lexibex out.