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Admit it: you have gotten all excited about whatever you’re reading and right as you start to drive your family completely bonkers about it, you turn the last page and…

… throw it out the window. It’s not that you didn’t enjoy it. It was your life. But now your life sanity is over as you sit there thinking WTH while possibly mopping up your own tears. (NO I AM NOT BEING OVERLY DRAMATIC)

Image FEED by M. T Anderson- If you are one of the eight sci-fict bookies that have not read this, prepare to have your heart head ripped out off. The entire story is insanely touching and overall made of awesomeness… but it just stops. Done. Everything must go.
(My FEED review here)

ImageELEGY by Tara Hudson- I got pulled in my the paranormal elements and captivated by the romance. Now if only the romantic part could have ended happily with real closure *kisses before throwing with sadness*

… Er, um I’m a Fayzian. See what I’m saying HERE and HERE.
(and this guy agrees with me) Image

ImageMOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins- Y’all are going to hate me for this, but I got distracted by the love triangle *braces self for rotten fruit inevitably about to be hurled my way*. I was Team Gale *hides*. Between that and the deaths we didn’t see coming- you know what I’m talking about- I’m pretty sure I really did send this one flying.


FEEDBACK by Robison Wells- Just when you think that all the crazy action and whatnot is going to finally make a lick of sense, BANG there will be NO THIRD VARIANT BOOK (HERE is a link to Wells’ blog. See for yourself.). (My VARIANT review)

*heartbreak here*