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If you’re here for book related stuff, scroll down to something from another day or explore the archives. This is a YA reader site… but just not this post. 

Because I am a human (as far as I know) living in today’s day and age in a 1st world country, I know that pretty much everything about third grade through middle school sucks.

Yeah, I said it (and, yeah, this is going to be one of “those” kind of blog posts. Deal with it.). This isn’t going to be some sob story- go to Tumblr and you can find plenty of those squished between all the Benedict Cumberbatch pictures. My younger grade years didn’t stink that bad. Sure, I got picked on for my constant use of GermX and had a fair share of rumors going on about me…

… but I also met my best friend, joined band (5 years later I’m still in), and discovered my love of writing. Being the secret drama queen that I am, I wrote poems on note cards during those not-so-okay days… and even a few on the better ones. 

That is what I’m sharing a few of with you all today. 

My Worst Enemy <AKA Bex’s annoying fear of being late to class>
The clock is my worst enemy, as sad as it may seem.
Counting to be sure I’m fine
has made a slave of me.
Feeling like I’ll lose a friend
and gosh I havta pee.
The clock is my worst enemy
its’ slave I will always me. 

This Note Card 
This note card
This note card is me.
Full of potential.
I can be anything. 

Pick and Choose (AKA Me Being Dramatic 3 Months Ago)
Pick your poison
Pick you pain
Choose the way you lose this game
Pick your enemy
Pick you friends
Choose the way your world ends.

I Am Not
I am not a lesbian
I am not a fool
Despite the stupid rumors
You hear around the school.
I am not out to get you
Can’t you just let me be?
Open your eyes and you will see
Exactly what you are doing to me.

My Domain 
I have the mind of a writer, a strong warrior in the city of imagination. With my pencil at 
hand, ready for anything. I what what goes and there is NOTHING about to stop me.
My ideas flooding my brain, making me dream in poems. I am the ruler here. Go ahead
and try to block me. As a writer, you’ll regret it.
This is my world now. 

Another Lifein memory of Julia Bargman 
Another life that could have been saved
another story done.
Another tear that didn’t have to be shed
for this time cancer won.
Another reader to remember
what we have and when we go defeat. 
Another reason to get us going.
Find a cure!
Cancer will be beat!