Hiya, freaks! I’m not dead, trapped at the bottom of the sea, or turned into a toad. 

I’m going to cut the small talk and get right to it. Lately I’ve had a life outside of fictional worlds. Yeah, I’m just as surprised as you are. I look at my disappointing list of books that I have read this year (my 2013 goal was 110. There is no flipping way I’m going to reach that) and know that I have only myself to blame. I have taken on some new hobbies (turns out I have a knack for embroidery and scaring the undies off my parents at the speed in which I skate down hills). It’s marching band season. I just started my junior year (!!!) of high school. The list goes on and on.

 (I also recently discovered the geek side of Tumblr which anyone else on there could tell you is beyond additive.)

Bla bla bla….

I’ll try and post soon. Maybe it will be today, maybe it will be next week. In all honesty this website has no set schedule. I post when I feel like writing and annoy y’all on Twitter when I don’t. 

Lexibex out.