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Shhh… don’t tell anyone I’m blogging in class. I was looking through some old emails and found a few poems I sent to my friend as a joke/ just to bug her last year. Enjoy 🙂

Limerick for right now
There once was a girl stuck in class
She wanted nothing less than a pass. 
That was sadly not so,
but she wanted to go.
Now <insert a line about gas>


Another Limerick (because I can)
There once was a boy from New York.
His daddy worked hard selling pork.
The boy would never shut up,
Dad figured he was out of luck.
Into the boy’s mouth went a cork. 


Haiku Haiku 
This is a lone haiku 
About a haiku for you


Laptop limerick 
There once was a laptop from the store.
He wished he could be something more.
This story is sad
so far from glad,
the dude is only used when I’m bor(ed)

The poem with no rules
This poems has no rules. No rhymes. Very little beat
and it stops and goes and breaks off in ran-
dom places. So it’s not even a poem. Or it it? It makes sense purple if you
pretend it glitter does. Though not really. 

(just an poem… cuz i can… ) 
Pretending this is a serious poem is 
Oh very hard. If you look 
Over closely, I just spelled


The Bored Poem 

There really is no point in this email, that i must admit. It’s just a poem about how bored I am and how i’m sick if it.
So here I am in writing, with nothing left to do. Open email, type in name, and this poem I did pursue. 
I could be working on my math, but that is really lame. All those numbers mixed with signs is like some silly game. 
Others are sitting and typing, but Hon that ain’t my style. So I’ll just sit here on this page with an evil little smile. 
Why it takes so much time for projects I really do not know. Here I am, totally done, and I just want to go. 
Type-y type type, q-w-e-r-t-y, this poem needs to hurry up and make the time go by. 
This line doesn’t rhyme or flow, but it still counts as part of the poem. 
Those stupid little Freshmen, i swear to God they’re beasts! If you tossed some roadkill in their face they would take it as a feast!
30 minutes ’till the bell will I ever be let free? I sit here bored out of my mind pressing buttons A to Z. 
If teachers see this message, so help me gosh I’m done. So many extra projects it would suck out all the fun. 
I wonder what would happen if there was never any tests. All the stupid people would think ‘school is a success!’ 
That last line has nothing to do with my silly little rhyme. However it came into my head and I have nothing but extra time. 
I can’t believe you’re reading all the way to here. That my awesome little friend is why I think of you so dear(ly).
Black and blue, tiny shoe, random words ’cause I have nothing better to do. 
I have a book due at the place, an awful place to be. I have to bring it soon before the calender reads ‘day 3’. 
This is the part where I’m sorry to say it’s time to take a bow. This poem is finished… for now.


(read to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Free time free time here you are,
on my work I don’t get far.
Wishing that the bell would ring
oh the freedom it will bring. 
Free time free time here you are,
I want to hit you with a car. 

(read to the tune of I’m a Little Teacup) 
I’m a little student see me here,
wishing dismissal would be more near.
All the little freshmen scream and shout..
“Hurry up quickly and get me out!” 


I Sent This One 5 Times 

(Sing to the tune of Mullberry Bush) This is revenge for spamming my phone, spamming my phone, spamming my phone. This is revenge for spamming my phone so now you get some eeeemmmaiilllsss