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One of my New Years Resolutions was the blog more, so here I am, typing away from my freezing cold English classroom. There is only one other person in here with me and there’s 20 minutes ’till the bell rings. 

{I don’t know why I put that last part. Maybe to justify blogging during school?}

I am human (as far as I know). And being human, it’s natural to learn things on my own…

… so please enjoy this not-entirely-book-related of Bex’s Life Hacks

*Feel like you’re about to cough but can’t because people are sleeping/ you’re in a crowded place? Breathe slowly through your mouth, much like you’re told to do to calm down. It won’t stop it forever, but it should quiet the tickle for a few minutes.

*Like listening to music when reading but get distracted by lyrics (If you can read while having words blasted into your ears at the same time you are a wizard)? Add the word “karaoke” or “instrumental” when searching for your favorite tunes.

*If you know/think a book is going to have a sequel, write the author’s name down to look up in coming months. If you keep the list of names in a safe place you’ll never forget to continue a good series again.

*A  short list of things to do when you forgot your book in class and have finished your work: See how many words you can make using the letters in your name, make tiny cootie catchers, people watch (if you can see the window to the hallway), imagine what would happen if an alien landed on the school roof, stare at people across the room and see how long it takes them to notice, count how many people you see on their phones (you are keeping yours in your backpack because you follow the rules).

*Keep a few pieces of chocolate hidden in your room for emotional emergencies.