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*ASUNDER and INCARNATE spoiler warning*

As I write this I am smiling like a fool while holding back tears of mixed emotion and hoping that my classmates don’t think I am a total psycho. It’s taking a ton of willpower to not start giggling like a maniac and kiss the cover.

Yeah, it was that good.

INFINITE starts shortly after ASUNDER. Janan is threatening to rose, his followers are bing an overall pain, and Ana has been exiled out of Heart. INFINITE follows her, her friends,  and my new #1 favorite book boy (Sam) on a quest to save the newsouls as well as the old ones.

this is the one time where the love story goes hand in hand with the Earth shattering conflict. It is not a distraction whatsoever and in all honesty I had to pause and smile swoon while reading because SAM AND ANA ARE SO FREAKING PERFECT THAT I CAN’T CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS.

*takes a brief pause to calm the frick down* 

INFINITE is a beyond satisfying ending to Meadows’ heart pounding trilogy. Her world is complex enough to be magical, mystical enough to spark immigination in every reader’s mind, and the characters.. well, i think I’ve made it way more than clear that they are amazing. Bravo to this fabulous series! 

*claps dramatically with stars in eyes* 


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*PS: This, as you can (hopefully) tell, was written in class right after I finished reading it. I can’t be the only one that has trouble holding back that kind of emotion caused by fictional worlds while stuck in a classroom.