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Have you ever got sucked into a story that made you laugh, gasp, and cry? Do you remember the last time your face was wet with tears and you were unsure if they were from pure joy or unbearable sadness?

A month before her 16th birthday, Brie *literally* dies of a broken heart after her boyfriend announces that he no longer loves her. After being whisked into a pizza party of an afterlife, Brie comes face to face with tough-guy Patrick. His job? Take Brie through the five stages of grief and help her come to terms with her own tragic death.

Okay, basic bla bla about the book= done. It’s fangirl time.

Don’t sit there (yes, you. You with the laptop) and tell me that you have never wondered what the world would be like if you suddenly bit the dust. What would your friends do? Would your family be okay? How would people at school react (yadda yadda yadda… you get the point.)? Now that she is more or less a ghost going between her personal heaven and the real world, Brie gets the chance to answer those questions herself… and it’s a nightmare. That’s all I’m going to say: the real world sucks (and I don’t mean it in the same context that I complain over the internet about.) Her dead-life sucks mega much BUT IT IS SO WELL WRITTEN AND I WANTED TO CRY AND SCREAM AND *just imagine more fangirling here*

Now insert a plot twist, some mega deadness drama, and- as cliche as it sounds- some secrets that no one saw coming. You almost got the idea of this book. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Brace yourself for 375 pages of awesome.

*kisses book and falls dramatically to the floor*