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So it seems that WordNothingElse was forgotten.
I could play the excuses game (“It’s my senior year,” “Supernatural came off hiatus,” “little pillows don’t just embroider themselves,” “oh wait they do? That’s creepy when did they learn to do that…”….) but
wait, where was I going with this?
Oh, right.

To the point: I still post stuff, just not always here.

*Click away 😉

Into the book reviews? I’m still on TeenReads and send in a new one about once a month.

Rants, sometimes in the middle of the night when reality becomes a foreign concept?Check out my Twitter!

I’m most likely to post on my Facebook page made just for Lexibex. Teenreads reviews, polls, and other book blogs I find are posted on there.

Geeky everything and social rights rants haha that’s cute I’m not ready to trust you with my tumblr.

Thanks for stickin’ with me here.

*There’s more than one link to everything because even after 3 years on this site I still can’t quite figure it out.